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Welcome to the Arise Apps platform. We’ve built our platform for small business just like you because we’re a small business, too. We know being a small business isn’t always easy. And we’re so glad you found us. Now, let us show you how we can help you grow your business.

Ready to learn how to get your own branded
Arise App in just 30 days?

Customizable mobile apps
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Why the Arise Apps platform?

And now you’re READY too.

Yes, you. The small business owner of America. All 32.5 million of you.

You started with a
physical location.

During the pandemic,
you pivoted to digital.

You set up a Shopify store and a basic website.

You have Facebook and Instagram accounts.

And now you’re READY for more.

Ready to learn how to get your own branded Arise App in just 30 days?

Big tech features,
small business price

You’ve heard a mobile app can improve your sales and customer retention. But you’ve also heard that custom app development can be expensive and takes forever to build. The Arise Apps platform is different because it offers you big tech mobile app features for a small business price.

Arise Apps include features like push notifications, geofencing, eCommerce integration, social media integration, messaging, and scheduling.

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Ready to learn how to get your own branded Arise App in just 30 days?

Reach your customers
wherever they are

Push notifications

Push notifications are the best way to reach your customers on their phones. These notifications keep your brand top of mind for your customers. Customers expect push notifications to be personalized. That’s why the Arise Apps platform lets you send personalized notifications to your customers. Birthday offers, holiday discounts, and in-store specials help make their experience more meaningful, and the 512-character limit means that you can include useful details like store hours and links.


The Arise Apps platform includes geofencing. Geofencing or location-based notifications use your physical location to send push notifications to your customers. Location-based notifications let your customers receive notifications when they are within a specified distance of your brick-and-mortar location.

Location-based notifications

Would you like to send customers a special in-store discount code when they arrive? Or would you like to thank them after they stop by? With the Arise Apps platform, you can do both. Because the Arise Apps platform lets you send location-based notifications when a customer arrives and when they leave.

eCommerce integration

The Arise Apps platform also integrates with your customer’s favorite eCommerce options: Shopify, Etsy, Amazon, WooCommerce, and more.

Ready to learn how to get your own branded Arise App in just 30 days?

Connect with your customers

on all your channels

all in one place​

arise apps connect all your chanels

All in one place

Your online presence is scattered across different platforms: your website, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Amazon, Open Table, and Shopify accounts—just to name a few. The Arise Apps platform helps you connect your customers to all these sales and social channels—all in one place.

Customer convenience

With the Arise Apps platform, you can include a page dedicated to your social accounts or feature them on the bottom menu. And with great in-app features like tap-to-call and tap-to-email, the Arise Apps platform makes it easier than ever for your customers to connect with you at their convenience.

Easy-to-use portal

The in-app messaging service lets you connect directly with your customers through an easy-to-use portal.

Ready to learn how to get your own branded Arise App in just 30 days?

Schedule appointments
easily from your app

Booking appointments and making reservation can be time consuming. But with the Arise Apps platform, your customers can book online through their favorite services including Calendly and Open Table without leaving the app.

Ready to learn how to get your own branded Arise App in just 30 days?

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